Fazail E Amaal ki Haqeeqat


Fazail-e-Amaal ki Haqeeqat
Lecture by Sheikh Touseef Ur Rahman

A doctor prescribes surgery to a heart patient, that he has to undergo a bypass for his wellbeing and he, instead of finding a surgeon goes to a butcher or a hairdresser and he, dissects him with his tools. Now there is no doubt left for his expiry.

Similar is the case of Islamic nation. ALLAH, Lord of the Throne, revealed HIS words for the guidance, for the salvation of Muslim Ummah. The deliverer of the revelation... leader of the angels, the night it revealed on …leader of the nights, the month of revelation…. leader of the months and the Prophet on which the message is revealed is the leader of the Prophets .صلى الله عليه وسلم

But alas!! The Quran, that leads us to the path of guidance, the Quran, that connects our link with our ILLAH….We, left this book of guidance from ALLAH!! Joined our relation with the books from people!! Left ALLAH’s words!! ALLAH’s book!! Embracing this moulvi’s book, that moulvi’s book.

And bad be to those Sufi scholars who persuaded humanity that they need to learn knowledge of 18 categories to learn Quran, and that you cannot understand ALLAH’s book unless you know them. So now, embrace what Hazrat has given to you.

When this Ummah has left ALLAH’s book, holding fast to ‘Beheshty Zewar’, ‘Fazail-e-Amaal’ ... What was the result? It led this Ummah to destruction. And humiliation was imposed upon them by ALLAH. They got humiliated in every hole and corner. And what’s the cause of this humiliation??(Verse from Qur'an) you want to get guidance??? Want to get peace??? Embrace this book of ALLAH!! Understand monotheism (tauheed)!!! Do not join partners with ALLAH!! Save yourself from shirk. You will be granted guidance and relief on the Day of Judgment too.

But when we left the book of ALLAH, devastation found its way on us. What did Fazail-e-Amaal gave this Ummah??? The biggest destruction to this Ummah has been brought by this ‘Fazail -e-Amaal’. ALLAH’s supreme and pure message of tauheed, for which ALLAH’s Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم bruised his forehead, broke his teeth. The message for which ALLAH’s Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم got strangled with a cloth in his neck. The message, for which in the ground of Taif, blessed head of Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم got bruised, bleed to the toes, and fell to the ground, Opened his eyes, angels asked,' Master allow us to raise these mountains and drop them on the people of Taif'. Replied he: 'don’t make these mountains fall on the people of Taif, they have hurt me, but I am hopeful to ALLAH that from the generation of these people, they will surely admit to say LA ILLAHA ILLALLAH.'

The attacks made by Fazail-e-Amaal on this true and pure tauheed (theism), on ALLAH, on Oneness of ALLAH. Here we have Fazail-e-Sadqat published by Kutub Khana Faizi Lahore. Moulvi Zakriya On its page number 558 attacks ALLAH’s monotheism.( you also Listen to it), and then Sheikh Abdul Malik is saying.., (pay attention please).’ Take care that this connecting rope of ours, with ALLAH does not break! ‘And a mushrik’s rope is never connected with ALLAH..!!! Love with ALLAH, friendship with ALLAH, is for the Believers (people who are monotheists) and when shirk enters in, ALLAH’s curses and torments are hailed upon.

Here on page 557 he writes;

O ALLAH!          I am so small, I am nothing,

To you is the Zill (saaya, shade) to you belongs existence.

Who am I?          I am nothing

       And I am what you are.

I am what you are???? I and you are in itself shirk upon shirk..!!! (You are from me and I am from you. Oh ALLAH. What you are is what I am). But ALLAH’s Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم had said...Do not elevate me like the Christians did to Issa علیہ السلام (Alaihe Salam), calling him ALLAH’s son. I am just a servant of ALLAH, HIS Messenger. Do not raise my authority from this status granted by ALLAH.

But this belief of supreme existence by Moulvi Zakriya, spreading among the Ummah , saying O ALLAH what you are is what I am, what I am is what you are. This me and you is shirk upon shirk itself!!!!

NO ALLAH’s servants..!!

HE is ALLAH…we are abd ALLAH..!!

HE is the CREATOR … we are HIS creation

HE is the PROVIDER…we are takers

HE provides us with food. We eat!! HE provides to drink...We drink..!! HE makes us sleep… We sleep!!


These Zalimuns (wrong-doers) made him ALLAH’s part._________________. 
Keeping in front the belief of supreme existence, said: 
Everything is ALLAH. 
Wherever I look, I find ALLAH. 
I look here, I find only YOU, 
I look there, I find only YOU, 
In mosque, its YOU. In temple, its YOU. 
In churn house its YOU. 
If comes in hand, is ram. If not comes in hand is Rahim.

On page number 561 in Fazail-e-Amaal, 
He writes that our Abdur Rahim Shah Raipuri, one of attendant,
keeping in front the belief that everything is ALLAH, for this they crafted, false tradition : '.HE was a hidden treasure, wanted to show HIMSELF, then whatever is in the world is a form of ME..

Imdad ullah Makki muhajir writes in ‘Shamaim-e-Imdadia’ 
that human, before its apparent existence was god himself and human himself is the apparent god.

Ashraf Ali Thanvi writes in Imdad ul Mushtaq that a man brought halva in one dish and filth in another to one of our Sufi and said: Moulvi sahib, if you consider everything is he, eat both of it. Thanvi sahib says that our Moulvi sahib ate the filth in the face of swine and ate halva in the form of mullah, saying everywhere is He, everything is Him.

Don’t talk about bay (B), Tay (C), lady..!!….. I couldn’t even understand alif (A)

Wearing meem’s (M’s) veil…. Ahad descended in Ahmad *Ah(m)ad+..!!

Page 561 of Fazail-e-Zikr, 
He writes, that a servant of our Abdur Rahim Shah didn’t use to go to toilet for many days because he could visualize Noor there. He used to see Noor there!!! Even in washroom there
was Noor!!

ALLAH is everything, 
ALLAH in everything; 
Everything is a form of ALLAH. NAOOZUBILLAH. 
He could see ALLAH’s light even in filth. That’s why he could not even go to the washroom.

This KUFR..!! This SHIRK!!! This kufr and shirk, you won’t even get in a Jew’s house. You will get this Kufr in a Shia’s house. Who said,” Dama dum must qalander, Ali da pehla number, Ali dum dum ke ander”.Ali in everything, Ali in every soul.

And here we have Fazail-e-Darud in our hand, describing the same belief about Prophet Muhammad . صلى الله عليه وسلم

its page number 133, says:
Your beauty has been under-veil of mortality/humanity.

Inna lillaha wa inna ilaihe rajiyoon. ‘ O Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم‘ you have been descended as a human but what was the reality:

Nobody know anything, was a part of Sattar.

Nobody except ALLAH could recognize you. Apparently you came in the shape of a human but you were not a human but was a part of HIS light.

A Moulvi sahib writes in ‘Tazkara tul Ghousia’ 
that ALLAH’s Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم asked Jibrael : 
where do you bring the revelation from? He said; I stand at ‘Sidra tul Muntaha’, the revelation is descended and I bring it to you. Asked, have you ever seen who is giving the revelation ? Replied; I could never dare too.said , this time go and see who is siting up there. Jibrael went off ,reached the Arsh,curtain raised Muhammad Rassol ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم, was himself sending the revelation.

Maulvi Zakariya, Fazail-e-Aamaal, page no.133, KutbKhana Faizi:

"your beauty had been under veil of mortality"

O Prophet you came in the veil of humanity but you were not a human. its page 233 of Fazail-e-Hajj,says
Peer Junaid Baghdadi was performing Tawaaf of Bait ULLAH, a young girl was also accompanying him in Tawaaf. While doing Tawaaf, she asked Junaid, are you performing Tawaaf of ALLAH or Bait ULLAH?? he said no, I am doing Tawaaf of Bait ULLAH. She turned to the sky and said, ALLAH, how stone-hearted people they are , who perform Tawaaf of stones, I am performing Tawaaf of You.

This Bait ULLAH is ALLAH, there is ALLAH's Noor even in filth, Muhammad صلى الله عليہ وسلم is also ALLAH and Maulvi Zikriya says what you are is what i am..what i am is what you are.

This belief!! This belief of Supreme existence! Is a belief of Kufr!! Is a belief of shirk..!! This belief, this Fazail-e-Amaal snatched monotheism from Ummat-e-Islam. How confidently they boast, that No! you don't understand, it is the most widely read book after The Holy Quran.

But listen, keeping in view these beliefs, pay attention to these verses from Quran:(Surah Ikhlas)
ALLAH is One, not two,not three!!!. ALLAH IS ONE..!! Than no Prophet is an out-source of HIS
Noor (light), Maulvi Zakriya did not come out of HIM.No one inheres from HIM. No one perishes in HIM, neither does HE perishes in anyone.Verily HE (Allâh) rose over (Istawâ) the (Mighty) Throne (in a manner that suits His Majesty).He is all-alone in HIS existence, He alone in worship, and He is alone in HIS characteristics.

Second biggest devastation that has been spread among the Muslim Ummah because of this Fazail-e-Amaal, is the Divination; that is an exclusive epithet to ALLAH alone that ALLAH declares that the divination belongs to HIM alone. and HE descends the revelation to whoever HE wants among HIS chosen Prophets.

This Ilm-e-Ghaib (divination/unseen) that is a property of ALLAH alone, this book presents us with a belief that their sufi's, Peers and scholars also possess it. 
Here, we have Fazail-e-Amaal in our hands. 
Its page no is 427 says, 
Sheikh Abdul Aziz Dabagh, a sufi passed in the near past was totally ill-literate, but
when somebody used to recite Quran or 
revised a Hadith of Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليہ وسلم , a hadith Qudsi or 
tells a lie.. he could immediately recognize and say that you have recited a verse from Quran,
you had revised a Hadith or a hadith-e-Qudsi or you had told a lie. I can tell from your speech, Noor comes out of it.!!

If this is not ilm-e- ghaib, then what is it Moulvi Sahib..????

A man came to Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم and asked for religious scholars for the teachings. Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم accompanied him with a group of reciters, Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم did not know they got martyred or not .
But Abdul Aziz Dabagh can tell by the speech of a person if he is lying.

Wife of Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم , mother of the faithful, Ayesha (May ALLAH be pleased with her) ,mother of the believers, and one who do not consider her his mother , is not considered in the list of the believers.
She had been slandered. Nights passed. He is asking Umar, asking Usman,asking Ali about it. Why did not Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم told the slanderers they were lying? 
How come He did not realize by just looking at them?

This ilm-e-Ghaib (divination) that you are claiming for your Abdul Aziz Dabagh, why did not Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم had it. Allah’s Messenger just spread the revelation sent upon him from the Sky.

Once a jewish man questioned Him, 
HE said I will answer tomorrow and forgot to say In sha ALLAH.
The revelation was stopped. Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم did not know the revelation would not be sent if He did not say In sha ALLAH.

Here on page 484 this Fazail-e- Amaal, says 
Abu Qurtubi: one who recites LA ILAHA IL ALLAH
70,000 times saves himself from the fire of hell. There was a Youngman lived nearby, who was famed for having oracle.He is informed about heaven and hell. He is informed about ghaib. He is sitting in dumps or is in 'thana bhanvar', he gets informed of what is happening in heaven and hell. One day, while eating, he screamed and started crying. I asked him, why are you crying? he said, uncle my mother is burning in hell. 

Abu Yazid says, I had recited LA ILAHA IL ALLAH 70,000 times ,saved in my heart that i
invoiced for his mother. It was accepted, and the moment I invoiced it for her, she got freed. I had did it in my heart. Nobody but ALLAH knows this forgiving. 
He started smiling and said Bawa ! 
Peer Sahib! mother is being sent to the Heaven , 
this divination that, this boy of yours had this divination Rasool ALLAH companions did not had. A Sahabi got strucked by an arrow, His companions congratulated him for Jannah, 
Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم said you are talking about heaven, The sheets of cloth that he picked from the pillage of khyber, ALLAH is showing those sheets have been turned into fire and have embraced him.

This divination of what's happening in Heaven and hell, is only in ALLAH's knowledge. If ALLAH wants, He shows it to HIS Prophet. These hidden unseen information’s are not possessed by these peer, mulllah ,or sufi's.

Its page 437, the same Fazail-e- Amal , says 
Junaid baghdadi was once seeing a Satan was roaming around, naked . (He either get to see young girls or boys without beard or a Satan , he does not visualize anything other than this ) visualized a satan roaming around naked . Junaid asked don’t you feel ashamed, you are roaming around naked like that?? satan said, am i roaming naked in front of men? Do you call them men??

But men are those, who are sitting in the Masjid Shonezia of a tablighi group . They are the 'Real Men' , who have burnt my heart by their remembrance of ALLAH.Junaid went to that Masjid and saw a few people having heads down on their knees meditating themselves , bashing shots of saying LA ILAHA IL ALLAH. As they saw me, immediately (without my telling them what i had seen in a dream last night)
said, do not be inspired by the words of that satan, he is the devil!! yet i had not told them i have met satan in a dream . Look these buzurg (pious people) could even recognize the satan's whispers in a heart.

Poisonous food is being presented to Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم , that a Jewish women had brought , and He is entering a bite in his mouth, He was not alarmed by the satan whisper of that women's heart,
why did Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم started to eat that? 
Why did He chew that? 
Why did the meat itself, not said that;
Master! Do not eat me, i have been poisoned!!

One of the biggest devastations of this fazail -e - amal !! divinization that is an exclusive epithet to ALLAH alone, how have we snatched and divided it among our Mullahs.

Its page 560 of this Fazail-e-Amaal : says 
one of our buzurg used to have oracle. 
when someone used to sit to perform ablution, at a stance, 
He could tell. O boy! you have committed this sin , 
its falling with the water of your ablution. You should stop doing zinah, stop doing theft!! He could tell by the falling water drops of his ablution, how this person has worsened his relation with ALLAH. This is a divine telling what can a layman do?
But he says our peer can get to know the sins of a man by looking at the falling water drops of his ablution.

its page 96 of fazail-e-darood, says,
(and it’s a very strange thing, whatever incident you are going to hear , or read about, you will see they say, ‘I hear a voice , a voice is coming...', 
they never give reference to Quran or its in a hadith but say 'a voice is coming' ,  coming from there'.Infact its Satan’s voice.!!! 

whatever books you are going to read of these Sufi's, 
Nowhere they will mention its in Quran
or have been said by Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم. 
they would always say..'a Sayyid Sahib' said that, 'a shah Sahib' narrated it, 

and here he says '
A friend' told me that a writer from Lucknow,when used to open his shop in morning, he used to say Darood for Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم and would write it on a paper. When the time of his death arrived, he became worried of what is going to happen to him in the world after death. he says a lost old man appeared and said , Boy, why do you worry, the darud that you have been writing in the morning that has been presented before Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم and your case in being discussed. 
How did this divine information reached that lost old man?? 
Who had told him? 
That your book has been presented in the court of Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم and a Messenger of ALLAH is preparing orders for your freedom.

This divinity is only ALLAH's epithet, if HE wills send, revelation upon HIS Prophets, if does not, cease it for days..!!!

Let's listen to what Quran says, , 
What is in the sky? 
Who is in Heaven? 
Who is in Hell? 
What has been
happening to them? 
None, but ALLAH knows about these hidden matters of the Heavens and the

The sufi's whom you consider to be Omniscient (aalim.ul.Ghaib), 
the Peers who, you consider to be Omniscient (aalim.ul.Ghaib), 
dont even know when will they be raised again after death.

Quran.e.Hakim says,( VERSES) 
O.Say (O Muhammad علیو والسلاة والسلام ): 
"I don't tell you that with me are
the treasures of Allâh, 
nor (that) I know the unseen; 
nor I tell you that I am an angel (a 'noori creation' )
(surah.Al-An'am(6) :50)


I am not Noori!!
Neither am I Omniscient (aalim.ul.Ghaib)!! 
I am not Ganj Baksh!! 
Not a Mukhtar-e- Kul, 
not even the owner of Treasures, 
then who am I?? 
I am just a Prophet of ALLAH who delivers to you the news of the glad tidings of Heaven and the horrible torments of hell from ALLAH

Third biggest disaster caused to the monotheist Muslims as a punishment of leaving Quran and
embracing this book called Fazail-e-Amaal is that our Auliya ALLAH, our Religious scholars, have direct meetings with ALLAH. 
They have direct conversations with ALLAH. 
they do not need to revise a hadith of Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم , 
they don’t require it.

Here we have Fazail-e-Hajj in our hands by Molvi Zikriya, 
its page no 64 and 65.Says 
a man from Abdaal asked Khazir والسلام الصلىة علیو , have you seen someone higher in rank than yours? 
He replied yes, once I was present in the court of Madina, there Abdur Razzaq Muhaddith was revising ahadith of Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم . In the corner I saw a boy sitting with his head on his knees, not listening to the ahadith. 
I asked him, 'why are you not listening to the ahadith of Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم?' 
He said 'here there are those people who listen from Abd-ur Razzaq,( listens from who? Abd-ur Razzaq, the servants of Ar-Razzaq) and I am the one who listens directly from Razzaq'. (I dont require the ahadith of Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم . I have achieved such affiliation with ALLAH, whenever i am countered with a problem, i ask directly from ALLAH). 
I said, if that is the case, tell me who am I ? 
He looked at him and said 'You are Khazir  علیو والسلام والسلام '.
Khazir علیو والسلام والسلام said,'i realised there are Auliya of ALLAH who are even greater in rank
than me'.

To deliver the teachings of Islam and guidance to the creatures, and HIS servants, ALLAH makes HIS chosen people, HIS Prophets a waseela for it. 
And He, our Molvi Zikriya says our Auliya ALLAH do not require prophets, do not need ahadith.People listen to hadith from 'Abd- ur- Razzaq' but the Molvi of tablighi Jamaat listen ahadith directly from RAZZAQ.

Here, another reference on Page 574 of Fazail-e-Aamaal, says 
Shibli, I saw a mad man being hurt with stones by a few boys. I threatened them, stopped them. They said, 'sir, he claims to have had meetings with ALLAH and that he sees HIM'. 
I came near him and asked him ' do you really claim to have direct meetings with ALLAH?' 
Being in this world, you claim to hear ALLAH, see ALLAH. ?
HE said ' listen, shouted and said Shibli, by HIM, who has worsened my conditions in HIS love. If HE would disappear from my sight even for a moment, I would come apart and die of this seclusion. HE remains in my vision all the time.'
Now these molvis, these sufis have direct meetings with ALLAH. 
They directly ask ALLAH about everything and tell.

Lets see, in Qur'an ALLAH declares, 
'And no , ALLAH عز و جل do not give the divine knowledge , of religion, of Quran, when HE decides to send you HIS religion, He descends HIS divine revelation on HIS chosen prophets, descended the teachings of Quran. You have belief on ALLAH,but which ways you can have your belief in ALLAH?( WA RUSOOLIH) You need to have your belief on the Prophets!! you can not have direct meeting with ALLAH !! عز و جل

Musa والسلام الصلىة علیو said, 
'O ALLAH, I want to see you ' 
and in reply ALLAH عزوجل replied, Musa , you cannot ! 

And here the Molvi of tablighi jamaat say that if ALLAH would veil HIS appearance from me
even for a second, I would die. I am always seeing HIM 24 hours, round the clock!!

Let’s examine a verse from Quran: 
Who is more zalim (cruel), more lost, than the one who tells a lie about the TRUE, MIGHTY ALLAH?  Crafts a lie on HIM!

Hazrat Ayesha رضى الله تعالى عنها answered to a man who came to her and asked, 'did Rasool ALLAH had a vision of ALLAH عز و جل when he had gone on Miraaj? 
Had a meeting?
(As they say:What did a friend not do for a friend, ALLAH arranged meetings to have a glimpse of Him) ...why ??? 

ALLAH arranged meetings?  Making Him sit in front? 
They speak of cruelty, this exaggeration in the majesty of Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم ? 
Then Ayesha رضى الله تعالى عنها replied, 
whoever say Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم have had seen ALLAH عز و جل , 
he crafted a lie on Rasool ALLAH . صلى الله عليه وسلم

Prophets, living in this world, with the defined limitations of this life could not see their creator  but Fazail-e-Aamaal says that They are not bared a vision of HIM even for a second.

What is another big destruction in this society, caused by Fazail-e-Aamaal ? It is that our Auliya
ALLAH do not die!! They die from one house to another. They just shift places! Now they are living here and then they leave this place and move to another. Death does not happen to them!!

Here we have Fazail-e-Sadaqat, its page no 660 says, 
Sheikh Abu Ayub said 'a follower (mureed) came up to me and said,' I wil die tomorrow noon (zuhr)'. 'I said no problem, you die!' he came, offered two raka'at, laid down and died. I gave him funeral bath, gave him shroud (kafan) (remember the words; i gave him bath,tore away his garment , performed him purification, wrapped in a cloth, wrapped in a kafan) raised him on shoulders, he stayed silent but when descended him to the grave, he opened his eyes. I said,' is there a life even after one's dead?' He said, 'good man! I am alive! The lover of ALLAH stays alive. We just die to shift from one house to another. We do not die! Death does not happen to us!!' Another buzurg says , a follower (mureed) came, when i gave him funeral bath, he grabbed my thumb,i started giving bath he grabbed my thumb ( would have tickled or pricked him) I said baba, leave my thumb, I know you are not dead, you are just acting it. You are not dead!!

(Muhammad Saeed Shiekhupuri says, (May ALLAH turn his grave into a garden of eden) If these corpse (dead people) of yours do not die , why say اللهن اغفرلى حینا وهیتنا .he is not dead , if you are going to call him dead , you will be called a Wahabi, Say وبحینا ..) left my thumb.

Says Ibn-e-Jala, a buzurg came,died. I placed him on a plank for a funeral bath, he started laughing.(one is holding a thumb, one is opening eyes and another is laughing)

Here on Page 671,listen to another incident, Abu Saeed says
Once i was in Makkah, came out of Haram, outside the gate, saw a handsome man laid dead. When I tried to look at him closely, he looked at me and said 'Abu Saeed don't you know the friends who love do not die, they just die to move from one place to another.'

Muhammad Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم was resting yet, Umar رضى الله تعالى عنو took out his sword and said ,' whoever say Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم has died, I will be head him'. Why did not my Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم came and said
'Umar ,I did not die, I have just veiled apparantly.Infact I am alive, watching everything'. If your buzurg can hold thumb, Fatima رضى الله تعالى عنه stayed alive 6 months after the demise of Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم , nobody saw her smiling. Our Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم got Fatima near Him and whispered something in her ear and she started crying. Ayesha رضى الله تعالى عنو asked, why did you cry? She replied, Baba said, ‘Fatima, now I am going far from you, now the time of my demise has approached, I am going'., 
and the next time He said, 'you will be the first one to meet me in heaven'.
Prophet is saying he is dying, Quran also says Quran says, but tablighi say, our people do not die! They do not die, infact,

Here ,its Page 669 of Fazail-e-Sadaqat, Abu Ali said, 
A beggar came to me on eid day , in a worn-out , old dress, said, 'is there any clean, pure place where i could lay down and die'? Said' come, lay down,and die. it is an open, wide place'. He came, laid down and died (ended up,soul departed). and when I was about to give him funeral bath ,he said 'O fool do not consider me dead, I am alive and on the day of judgment I will help you with full glory'

             Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم has said, 'Fatima! Take whatever you want from my personal assets, but do perform your deeds, because if the Lord of the Throne caught you for it, O daughter of Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم, I would not be able to free you.'

Keep this hadith in view and here Page 711 Fazail-e-Sadaqat, says 
Molvi Zikriya; a group of poor visited the grave of a generous, , had travelled on a camel. The person in grave came in the dream of the camel owner and said, 'you came here, I would not like to return you empty handed. Sell this camel to me and in turn have a fine camel standing at my home.(answered in a dream, even had a deal in a dream). Later, the grave person of Moulvi Zikria , raise, came out of the grave, slaughtered the camel ( the grave person comes out of his grave, slaughters a camel , and return to his grave. Was there a police check post on the way? Why did he not go to meet his wife? Why did he not put a hand on an orphan's head?) Said, was eating meat, (filling his appetite, making health), when a young man came from front and asked that 'who is that 'who and who ' among you? Did my father sell anything to you?' replied, 'I had a deal for a camel in my dream with this person in grave'. He said, 'have this camel in return'!.

Moulvi Zikriya says, It’s a limit of generosity, not sending anybody empty-handed even after death.
( where did they go actually? to a grave or a hotel?) 
listen it from Qur'an now (we have killed many people, before them, how many dwellings have been killed.) Listen to the decision of the SOVEREIGN LORD, ‘Those who die and go to the next world, never returns'

Ashraf Ali Thanvi, writes in (this/that) era, about grandfather. 
That nana jan (grandfather) was on his way for Hajj (pilgrimage) robbers attacked him, he got dead!( was killed! ended up! ) At night he came to the grandmother with a box of sweets (mithai) to say salam to her. And said I will come here every Thursday and will bring a box of sweet , but do not tell anyone. Said 'alright Thanvi's grandfather I will not tell', in the morning realized, when children will eat the sweet, what will the neighbours say? they will put the blame that there is no man at home , where are these sweets coming from?? Said, do not worry. Say, Thanvi's grandfather came at night. Thanvi Sahib says, Nana Jan (grandfather) never came home after that.(this grandfather of Thanvi's came!) Qur’an, that states Those who die never return.( ask who was this who came?) The one who dies, goes to ALLAH's court, do not return! 

But Fazail-e- Amaal says, They do come! They grab thumbs, they help, they feed (provide food) and they do everything else and they also listen. And Quran says, (Verses) O Prophet! You cannot make these deads listen; you cannot make them hear your voice.

Fifth biggest error caused to the believers, to the monotheist because of embracing Fazail-e-Amaal and leaving Qur'an is the open invitation to'Grave-Worshipping', to seek help from the buzurg, seek help from the dead buzurg, to seek them for the solution of their problems. 

Here, its Fazail-e-Sadaqat, its Page no 716. There was a man in Egypt (‘A Man', no reference, just' A Man', 'A Voice'..Is coming). In Egypt, a person used to collect charity and give to needy people. A begger came, asked for charity, asked everyone, got from nowhere. At last, he went to the grave of a generous and spoke his heart out that I am a poor, not getting anything from anywhere. And took out a penny (dinar) from the pocket , broke it into two. Kept half for himself and gave half to him. At night, the person of grave came in his dream and said,' I was not allowed to speak at that time, but I heard all that you said.'(Was not allowed to speak!!!) You go to my house. tell them, there is a pot under the stove, break it and there are more gold coins buried there, give them to me. and told the family it’s a matter of a dream.'(infact, these dreams do not come real) You keep the gold!

What a disgrace (such a shame)!! He is showing generosity even after death and we are taking hold, although we are alive.( Go to the grave, sit there and tell your problems!!) Here , we have Fazail -e- Hajj in our hand, 

its Page No 138, says a man died, and left in inheritance, a few hair of Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم and some personal assets. One brother took all the hair and the other took all the possessions (maal). The assets of the man ended up but ALLAH blessed the one who had the hair with great assests. Then, when he died, Moulvi Zikriya says, ALLAH's Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم came in the dream of our Pious and said, anyone who is encountered with a problem,should go to his grave and pray, his problem will be solved. Its Fazail-e-Hajj, Molvi Zikriya is inviting to worship graves..!! You also listen to it, ' When you travel to madina, visit the grave of Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم , keep your heads down, have Prophet's terror in your heart and Remember! the grave of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم is the most blessed from all the places of the world, and the part of the grave that is touched with the body is prestigious that Kaaba, is prestigious that The Throne, is prestigious than The Kursi of ALLAH عزوجل

(That’s why people, would leave the Tawaf of Bait Ullah and would start to perform the Tawaf of graves).

We have a cassette of Tariq Jameel, (if anyone wants, he can have it.) He went to the court of Mohri Shareef along with 19 leaders (Ameer) there he delivered a speech. A Gaddi Nasheen delivered a speech before him. He said 'Molvi Tariq Jameel and his 19 tablighi leader took part in Zikr, Fikr, in Hamd, Naat , in Qawwali, in Sama'a , in wajd and in everything else! We have been considering that there is a great diference between us, but seeing Molvi Sahib's participations, we have been assured that a step is still bigger, we don't even have a difference worth a brick.!!!!!

I invite Molvi Tariq Jameel from this stage, to come and work for Dawa'h , where you may have love of Mustafa صلى الله عليه وسلم and have a fear of ALLAH عزوجل

Then Molana Tariq Jameel speeched, the glory of Auliya!! (Auliya? ) Kutub,Ghous, Abdaal) and the voices
raised from the crowd, Nara-e-Haidri !! Nara-e-Risalat!! Nara-e- Ghousia!!

He translated اَي هَا النَّبِ ى يٰۤ 'O teller of the unseen (ghaib) ..!! And the crowd of Barelevian, and of Urs, and
from the public cheered, 'Nara-e Risalat!!'

This is the invitation of 'Grave-Worshipping'!! Sit on the graves, express your problems!!

And Qur'an announces: You say, your tablighi scholars say to the man in grave, he did sadaqah, he slaughtered animal (camel).

Qur'an says, those you call...They have not created anything. They themselves are the children of a man, they themselves are the creation, and what is their state (Verse from Quran) They are Dead!! They are not alive, they are not even aware of when are they going to be raised again!!

One of the biggest disbelief spread among Muslims, among the believers in result of embracing this Fazail-e-amaal and leaving Qur'an is a dangerous issue of invitation towards Rehbaniat (sainthood),is an invitation to Sufism.

Here we have in our hands this Fazail-e-Darood, invitation to the problem solving, Ask from him, ask from them. 

One says in Fazail-e-Darood, on Page No.116, I travelled for hajj, my mother died there. Her face darkened and stomach swelled, i wondered what a problem I’m encountered with. All of a sudden, a cloud appeared from the direction of Madina,it descended, a person appeared from it. He wiped His hand over my mother's face, her stomach and body. As, he did so, mother became well again. I asked him 'who are you?' he replied, 'You did not recognize me?, 'Said, no i did not recognize.' He said, 'I am Muhammad Rasool ALLAH '! صلى الله عليه وسلم

Why did not ALLAH's Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم came to clear the 
misunderstanding between Ali رضى تعالی الله عنو  and Ayesha رضى الله تعالى عنه ,? 
Why did He not come to save Umar رضى تعالی الله عنو , when he was being martyred? 
Why did ALLAH's Messenger not come when Usman رضى تعالی الله عنو was being convicted and thirsty? 
Why did He not come to relief his thirst? Why did not ALLAH's Messenger come to save Husain رضى الله تعالى عنو from the evils of Kufis. YOUR mother died and ALLAH'S Messenger immediately came and wiped hand on her face....SUCH SLANDERING ON THE PROPHET OF ALLAH?????

Ayesha عنہا تعالی الله رضی says a woman came to have a Bayt (pledge), entered her hand from behind the
curtain, Master صلى الله عليه وسلم had a glimpse of her finger tips, said, AYESHA!!! ASK HER TO WITHDRAW HER HAND, MUHAMMAD صلى الله عليه وسلم CAN NOT EVEN TOLERATE TO LOOK AT THE FINGER TIPS OF A NA-MEHRAM (stranger) WOMEN..!!! And these Zalimun put such a disgrace to the majesty of Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم that ALLAH's Messenger والسلام الصلىة علیو wiped his hand over the face of that women, on her stomach, on her body.

How did this book presented to us the invitation of Sufism and sainthood
See, here we have Fazail-e- Amaal, Page 356. Says, 
Abdul Wahid is a famous sufi, accidently got a slumber attack and slept. Had a dream at night, in a dream saw, the same beautiful damsel wrapped in a beautiful silk garment said to him, 'You are sleeping? Think about me! struggle for me!' He woke up and sweared,' I will never sleep from today onwards' and for 40 years kept offering Fajr prayer with the ablution of Isha'a.

Three Sahabi's (noble companions) came to Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم , (don't have time for details), and sweared the same. One of them said, I will not sleep at night. Another said, I will not do Iftar, and the third one said, I will not get married. Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم hold them and said, ‘I am the most fearing of ALLAH among you all! Listen and remember! The one who left my sunnah is not one of us.

A Sayyid sahib's speech on page no. 360 Fazail-e-Namaz. Says, it’s a story about Sayyid Sahib, who used to offer all the prayers with one ablution (performed ablution once) for consecutive 12 days, (ARE YOU LISTENING, OFFERED ALL THE PRAYERS WITH A SINGLE WUZU FOR 12 DAYS...!)(Must have been encountered with a tough constipation, that he did not had to excrete or urinate) offered prayers with a single wudu for 12 days and never had laid down for 15 years.( DID NOT LAID DOWN FOR FIFTEEN YEARS!!!.)

And on Page 382 , he writes about another buzurg, says a follower (mureed) came up to him, he offered Fajr Prayer, after Fajr started offering Nawafil (Nafl prayers) till Zuhr then offered Zuhr.After Zuhr started Nawafil again till Asar. Offered Asar and got busy in supplications, after that offered Maghrib. After maghrib started offering Nawafil.Then heard the call for Isha'a Prayers. Offered Isha'a. Poor soul kept sitting waiting, after Isha'a ,Nawafil till sunrise then offered Morning prayer (fajr) and got busy in Zikr (remembrance of ALLAH). Had got a short nap incidentally, woke up, started repenting saying; ' I seek refuge of ALLAH from the eye that does not get satisfied of sleep!!' (HAS HE BEEN PRAYING OR SLEEPING??)

This teaching is not the teaching of Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم!! ALLAH's Messenger visited Zainab's رضى الله تعالى عنه house, saw a rope hanging and inquired about it. he was told ,' when Zainab رضى الله تعالى عنه gets tired, she takes a hold of it , and then continue to pray’. He said,' open it and tell her , when she gets
tired, the rights of her body begins on her'!!

Says, on Page 465,(invitation to Sufism), 
Leave Quran, Do Zikr,Bash Shots of saying IL ALLAH. Says, 
Sayyid Ali Bin Maimon , Its a famous tale, was a very high Scholar, was a Mufti, a teacher. He bore a pledge (BAYT) on Sayyid Sahib. That Sayyid Sahib stopped him from everything and said just bash shots of saying IL ALLAH, IL ALLAH, IL ALLAH along breathing. Turned off lights. 
(Inhale) what is this? LA ILAHA!! (Exhale) What is this? 
And kept bashing shots.Darkened the room, said made us bash shots. Once he got to know that at times he recites Quran as well.Immediately put a ban on it and said you are not even going to read Quran, just do the Zikr we have told you , and bash shots of saying IL ALLAH. Said after sometime his heart got fluency (command) over it and the heart started bashing shots. The call of IL ALLAH started to come from his heart. Now when his heart got excelled in it, said now you can read Quran!!. Now when he started to read Qur'an, he visualised such things, never seen before!!!


Ibn-e-Masood رضى الله تعالى عنه entered a Mosque and saw people doing Zikr over stones. One said
ALLAH.O.AKBAR!! All said ALLAH.O.AKBAR!! He said, 'come out of this mosque of Biddati's and do not recite Qur'an here!!

Just do the zikr told to you by the moulvis. This Path is not the path of Rasool ALLAH !!!!صلى الله عليه وسلم

Its Fazail-e-Zikr, Molvi Zikriya is the writer, on Page No.575, says ,
one of our Peer named Mamshaad, his death hour approached, when he was about to die the people sitting nearby prayed, " May ALLAH عز وجل bless you with the so and so blessings of the heaven''. He replied, good man! Heaven had been presented before me, embellished and glorified for 30 years, but I never have taken a glimpse of it.

Why?? These Sufis believe 'Half Sufi Dervaish' (Aadhi Qalandari) Rabia Basri used to say, '' I may extinguish the fire of hell with the waters of heaven and burn the heaven with the fire of hell , then pray regardless of rewards.

This is the invitation to Sufism, is an invitation to Sainthood..!!!

Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم, while offering took two steps forward, then moved two steps back. His companions asked, 'Why did you take two steps forth and then moved two steps back?' He replied,' ALLAH عز و جل showed me Heaven and in the desire of it , I stepped forth. Then ALLAH عز و جل showed me hell and I drew back from its terror.'

And Qur'an states: Believers struggle in greed of the heaven of ALLAH and with the fear of hell, stays in these two states and worship ALLAH.

These beliefs that we do not need Heaven, we dont look at it, we dont desire it, are not the beliefs of Rasool ALLAH . صلى الله عليه وسلم

Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم said to the sahabi's in Badr (battlefield) .'Get up! and run for the heaven whose width is equal to the width of heaven and earth'.

Page 572 of Fazail-e-Sadaqat, invitation to Sainthood, Sufiism. Stop eating and drinking! Leave your wife and children! And go to the mountains.

Says a buzurg (they have no reference, who was he? when did he die? 
when was he born? 
what was the name? Nothing! Just ' A Buzurg') had a meeting with a RAHIB (christian) , while talking ( inviting him to Islam) , says our Prophet Issa علیو والسلاة والسلام could fast for 40 days ( and this can only happen through some miracle, not otherwise.) The Sufi Sahib said, and if I fast for 50 days, will you revert to be a Muslim? He said, ' What a deal. You would then be excelled from a prophet.Surely I will become a Muslim.'

Says, did not eat or drink for 50 days, kept in a state of fasting.He said,'these fifty days were on your asking; now I will fast ten more days to it.'


No, but this invitaion is against the invitation of Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم .THIS is an invitation to SAINTHOOD..!!!

Listen to a reference from this Fazail-e-Sadaqat , Page No.588. Says, Junaid Baghdadi said , our Peer Siri Saqti, nobody ever saw him lying on bed for 98 years, except for lying on the death bed. He used to pray in standing position for 18 years.(He had a back or some original lentar was fixed in it??)

Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم used to say, ' 
I have wives, I have children, I go to them to fulfill their rights. I sleep at night! I wake up!' 
Ayesha spread her hand over the bed to find Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم, but find the bed empty. Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم used to sleep also used to wake up at night, offered the prayers too ... And this teaching of never lying down for 98 years, keeping awake? Offering prayers with a single ablution for 12 years? This invitation is not from Rasool ALLAH صلى الله عليه وسلم but it’s an invitation of Fazail-e-Aamaal, an invitation of Sufism!!!!

Its a prayer to ALLAH عز و جل that may ALLAH عز و جل forgive us for our wrong-doings, may ALLAH help us to speak and follow the truth and may help us to be saved from Mushrik and Innovators(bid'dati)..!!!

And nobody say while marrying their daughters that it does not matter, atleast he is a doctor or an engineer......